Apples and Oranges

Apples and Oranges, Going Bananas with Pairs

"This is the kind of book children will want to hear whenever they need a good laugh." – St. Louis Dispatch

"Hilarious drawings perfectly complement the theme, which could be summarized: logic is for sissies. Absurdity is more fun. 'How are an apple and an orange alike? They both don't wear glasses.' 'How are a bird and a kite alike? They both don't talk on the phone.' And so on. The watercolor and ink drawings reinforce dissimilarities: the bird is pictured chirping away on a cordless, while the kite is talking at a pay phone. With comic efficiency, Pinto throws a dash of cold water on the mind-set of simple test answers and obvious questions." – The New York Times Book Review

"As in untutored art, Pinto's detailed scenarios stint on perspective and primarily underscore punch lines. An open-ended conclusion transfers the author's unpredictable comedy into the audience's hands, inviting a different outcome with every reading." – Publisher's Weekly

“Children who have tackled serious concept books will get an enormous kick out of this sly gem, letting their imaginations run wild with the creative possibilities inherent in tomfoolery.” – Kirkus Reviews, starred review

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“As readers might expect, Sara Pinto’s new picture book Apples and Oranges: Going Bananas with Pairs, focuses on fun word and object associations. A whole new generation of youngsters has a chance to try their hand at Apples And Oranges’ brainteaser comparisons – though this time around it’s all just for goofy fun.” – Title of the Week, Children’s Bookshelf,, January 2008